Olfactory Art is a community website to provide connections between artist, perfumers, noses, researchers, museums, companis, specialist, etc. in the field of olfactory art.
Registrate on our website and make your profile. It is free and it stays free! You can login with your facebook account or through the registration proces.

What do we offer?

You can promote your olfactory events, upload photos and make albums to show your work to members of the website or to the public. You can add videos, make groups, start discussions, invite other people. The goal is to collect every artist in the world who's busy with contemporary olfactory art and make connections between you, perfumers, noses, art curators, museums,..
And all for free!

The website is just redesigned and we'll continu to update it.

Olfactoryart.net is an initiative of olfactory art lovers.

We're based in Belgium, but have connections over the whole world.

What can you do?

- make photo albums
- make blogs
- make publicity for your website, blog and events
- make events and invite members and visitors to let the world know what you're doing (with geo coding so easy to find location)
- make groups to discuss or just to share thoughts
- add videos, your own or the one you like
- make friends, connections
- write messages
- two ways of subscribing: by the registration form, or by facebook (official api key).
- control your privacy, decide who can see your profile, photos
- Coming up soon: Free apps like auto twitter your tweets in your profile, show your feeds, ...

New since August 6, 2015

- Total remake of the website, more security functions

- Responsive design for mobile viewing

- New blogging system, easier to use.


Why should you be a member? Well artists working with scents are not so common in the world of art. So we made this community website to tell the artworld and the perfume industry that they are making real art. It's actually a place where they may find all the artists who are working in this fields of olfaction. We also give companies the possibility to subscribe, so the can promote their stuff and find olfactory artists to connect with. But also museums and curators specialized in the field of olfactory art are welcome to promote there events and skills.

Like we say, we keep building it up. So feel free to have a look! If you don't like it, - you can unscribe easy, but we guess that you'll love it the more the site gets traffic, members, ...

So get sniffed!